Air Conditioning Service

Repair and service to get your vehicle back on the road. We know the air conditioning system in your vehicle is all about climate control, so we rely on the latest diagnostic technologies to fix your AC problems. If your AC stopped working or needs maintenance, stop in today or give us a call.


Common AC Problems

AC System Leaks

Broken Belt

Compressor Failure

Condenser clogged or leaking

Refrigerant level is low

Common AC Warning Signs

AC blows warm air

Unusual noises through AC vents or under the hood

An unexplained odor or must smell when the AC is running

What should I do if my vehicle starts showing AC warning signs?

Give us a call or stop into our shop. From an AC system recharge and proper refrigerant level check to replacing a broken condenser or leaking hose, Nomad Services in Quincy, Illinois has the expertise to handle all your vehicle AC problems.