General Maintenance

Nomad Services is an automotive and light truck auto repair shop in Quincy, Illinois. We specialize in brakes, diagnostics, electrical, engine repair, oil changes, and more. Whether your vehicle is due for general maintenance or needs a major repair, you can count on Nomad Services to get you back on the road.


Common General Maintenance

A/C Service




Electrical & Wiring

Fluid changes


Oil Change

Steering & Suspension


Common General Maintenance Warning Signs

Check engine light 

Other systems warning lights on

Grinding, clunking or squeaking noise

Low oil levels

Unusual engine noise

Why should I regularly schedule general maintenance on my vehicle?

Just like your house, keeping up with general maintenance will keep your vehicle running at top performance levels. Regardless of your driving habits, your vehicle components will weaken and age over time and should be inspected regularly. Nomad Services is here to help keep your vehicle on the road. Stop in today or give us a call.